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The Ultimate Guide to Grocery Store Digital Signage

What’s more likely to grab the attention of your customers as they enter your store — a static poster announcing a new product, or an animated digital display highlighting the new arrival? 

Grocery store digital signage is a critical way to engage with your customers, crafting a personalized, memorable experience each time they visit. Digital displays throughout your grocery store can help you nurture your loyal customer base, encourage customers to spend more time in your store, and more effectively market your products

In this guide, we’ll talk through how grocery store digital signage can elevate the customer experience, unique ideas for implementing digital signage in your grocery store, and everything you’ll need to get started. 

What Is Grocery Store Digital Signage? 

Unlike static signage, which shows the same display until it’s manually changed, digital signage allows you to share messages with your customers in an exciting, dynamic way as they navigate through your store. Grocery store digital signage might use video, animation, or changing graphics to engage customers and share information about new arrivals, sales, or events. 

Grocery store digital signage can take the form of hardware like large screen displays installed on walls, smaller screens in the checkout area, or other interactive displays located throughout aisles. 

Why You Need Grocery Store Digital Signage

Taking the time to implement a digital signage strategy in your grocery store can increase your customers’ spending in your store, bring greater awareness to products or programs you’re hoping to promote, and help you build a stronger connection with your guests. In the next few sections, we’ll explain the major benefits of grocery store digital signage. 

Grocery Store Digital Signage Captures Customers’ Attention

Grocery store digital displays have a unique way of capturing and holding customers’ attention, meaning that they’re more likely to notice and remember the message that you’re trying to share with them. 

Instead of simply walking past your display, your customers will be interested in the motion happening on the screen — and perhaps even intrigued enough to make a purchase. 

In fact, 47 percent of consumers recall a digital display they saw in the last month, and 19 percent actually made a purchase specifically because of that display! By implementing grocery store digital signage, you’ll be able to promote your products, bring awareness to your sales, and cross-sell across your entire store in a whole new way. 

Grocery Store Digital Signage Offers Flexibility and Versatility

One of the main benefits of digital signage is that it allows you to change what’s being promoted on the fly. You can quickly and easily swap out your display when new items have arrived, a sale starts, or when you’d simply like to bring attention to a certain item. 

The versatility of grocery store digital signage also means that you can program your displays to change throughout the day to meet customers’ changing needs. For example, in the morning, you can focus your displays on breakfast items, and in the evening, you can swap your displays for the products that are more likely to be on your customers’ minds.

Digital signage offers a great deal of flexibility in that you can highlight multiple products or promotions in a limited amount of space. If you have major sales happening, you’re able to program your digital signage to cycle through your advertisements for them, allowing your customers to see everything they need all in one convenient place. 

Digital Signage Makes It Easy For Your Customers to Navigate Your Grocery Store

Creating a convenient, memorable experience for your customers is essential if you want them to return to your grocery store time and time again. Clever use of digital signage can help them more easily navigate your aisles, finding all the items on their shopping list and more. 

Grocery store digital signage is especially helpful for highlighting items that are frequently forgotten or are somewhat “hidden” in your store’s layout. Bringing attention to items like these will make shopping at your store more convenient for your customers, and it may increase your average sale total. 

Creative Grocery Store Digital Signage Ideas

Finding unique ways to use grocery store digital signage is essential for building personalized customer experiences. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for making the most of your store’s digital displays: 

  1. Highlight sales and promotions with visually interesting graphics and animations. 
  2. Announce the arrival of exciting new items, especially when they’re seasonal or available for a limited time only. 
  3. Feature fun facts about your grocery store or highlight employees to create a personal connection with your customers. 
  4. Promote your customer loyalty program in an attention-grabbing way. 
  5. Share cooking and entertaining ideas to inspire your customer and upsell your products. 
  6. Make the most of seasons and holidays by featuring relevant products and fun, seasonal graphics. 
  7. Add grocery-themed trivia to displays in the checkout area to make your customers’ wait in line more fun. 

Setting Up Your Grocery Store Digital Signage

Now that we’ve covered why grocery store digital signage is such a great tool, here’s how to get started with planning and setting up your displays. 

Identifying Your Grocery Store’s Needs

Before implementing a digital signage strategy, you’ll need to determine your priorities for connecting with your customers. What types of promotions do you typically run? How much does your stock change with the seasons? What messages do you wish you could more easily communicate with your customers? 

Considering questions like these will help you create a vision for the type of experience you’d like your customers to have in your grocery store, which will inform your decisions about what types of displays you’d like to install and how you plan to use them. 

Markt POS guide to grocery POS hardware

Choosing the Right Hardware and Software For Your Grocery Store Digital Signage

Selecting the right hardware and software for your vision for your grocery store's digital signage is crucial. Not only do you want to make sure your displays are crisp and attractive, but you also want to ensure that your displays integrate seamlessly with your POS system. 

Markt POS is an excellent option for grocery store digital signage. As an all-in-one hardware and software solution designed specifically with grocers in mind, designing and tailoring your grocery store digital signage solution to your business’ specific needs is simple. 

Schedule a demo with one of our industry experts today to chat about the difference digital signage can make for your grocery store!

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