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You started your business to serve your community. We started ours to serve you.

See how we improved the lives of local market owners:

"What we love about Markt POS is our ability to access our data from anywhere. Whether it is on my cell phone, tablet, or laptop at home, I can always have my finger on the pulse of the business."

Charlie Bougas Owner, McKinnon's Meat Market

Markt POS' support is extremely helpful and responsive to our questions. They have helped us continuously keep our system up and running and create solutions for our business needs. The service has been top-notch!

Joanna Alexander Jo's Local Natural Foods

We had Markt POS since we opened in April of 2016 and I haven't changed anything. We continued to use it as well as all the enhancement that you guys have given us. They are great. The staff has really like using it because it's so simple and it works flawlessly.


Valerie Georgoulopoulos Owner, Sophia's Greek Pantry

Built to serve local markets so they can serve their communities.

Local markets use Markt POS to create more efficient and reliable in-store processes, so they can focus on providing an inviting and welcoming experience to their communities.

Organic & Natural Foods Stores

Easily manage seasonal customer favorites and unique product inventory.


Butcher & Fish Shops

Integrate with your scale to quickly scan price-by-weight items for a seamless customer experience.


Ethnic Food Stores

Bring your culture to your community. Track unique food items and packaging, and stock top-selling items.


Neighborhood Grocery Stores

Keep your shelf space profitable by ordering the things you know your customers need.


Co-Op Markets

Support various types of vendors, shops, and unique inventories at local co-op markets



Manage your grocery store and restaurant with a single point of sale solution.


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