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Frequently Asked Questions

All your burning questions about  Markt POS support answered!

How quickly do I get my funds for my credit card transactions?

We provide next-day funding, ensuring that your credit card transaction funds are deposited into your checking account swiftly.

Can I sell online with my POS system?

Yes, our POS system supports integration with all major e-commerce platforms in the grocery POS space, enabling you to expand your sales online.

What hardware is included in the POS bundle?

The standard POS bundle includes a POS computer, customer display, cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and a pinpad. Options to upgrade to a full scanner scale and a full-touch pinpad are available.

How does it work moving from one system to another?

Transitioning to Markt POS is streamlined thanks to our dedicated onboarding team. A customer success manager will guide you through training, product migration, and ensure your setup is optimized for success

Do you offer a money-back guarantee? What if the system doesn't work for my store?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. While we strive to set every customer up for success, we understand that sometimes the fit may not be right.

Do you offer technical support?

Absolutely. We provide round-the-clock live support via phone and email to address any technical issues you might encounter.

How do I move forward?

To get started with Markt POS, contact our sales team. They will assist with a custom quote, address any concerns, and demonstrate our software to ensure you make the best decision for your point-of-sale needs.

What happens if I have no Internet? Will my POS stop working?

Our POS system is equipped with offline capabilities. It continues full scanning operations even without internet connectivity. For payments, our 'store-and-forward' feature allows continued card transactions during offline periods, or you can opt to accept only cash. You have full control over this setting.

Will my POS work with my existing hardware?

To determine compatibility with your existing hardware, please contact our support tech or sales team for an evaluation. We'll need to assess your current setup before providing a definitive answer

How much does this POS system cost?

Our POS system pricing is tailored to your specific needs. Please reach out to our sales team for a custom quote. Typically, our packages, which include the POS system and all necessary hardware, are priced under $3,000.

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