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How To Choose a Deli POS System: 7 Must-Have Features

Trying to run your deli without the right point of sale (POS) system is like trying to make the perfect BLT without crispy bacon: You’re missing an essential ingredient. 

Your deli’s POS system touches every aspect of your small business’ operations. It processes all of your transactions, keeps your deli stocked with your customers’ favorite cold cuts, and gives you a window into your business’ financial health and sales performance. 

That’s why you need a POS solution with all the right features to keep your deli running efficiently and profitably. 

In this blog, we’ll explore seven essential deli POS system features that you can use to streamline your operations, enhance the customer experience, and boost your bottom line. Bon appétit!

1. Quick-Service Restaurant Functionality

A deli is a unique type of business. Your customers rely on you to fill their fridges with their favorite meats and cheeses — but they also count on you for a quick, delicious meal. 

A deli POS system with quick-service restaurant functionality makes it easy to offer standard retail items and prepared meals like sandwiches and salads. 

Your deli POS system should allow your employees to take customer orders, add modifications like no mayonnaise or extra pickles, send orders to a kitchen printer to ensure speedy service, and accept tips for their friendly service. 

2. Deli Inventory Management

Think about one of your loyal customers. Most likely, they have a regular order, whether they always order a turkey and Swiss on rye or they stop by weekly for a pound of roast beef. 

If your deli runs out of one of their favorites, you’ll lose a sale — or even your valuable relationship with that customer. 

Luckily, a deli POS system with robust inventory management features can prevent this disaster. Your deli POS system should give you access to a real-time overview of your stock levels and remind you when you’re running low on a particular item. 

3. Deli Scale Integration

Another unique deli POS feature is scale integration

Scale integration is a crucial feature if your deli sells meats and cheeses by weight. This tool guarantees precise inventory records down to the last ounce and accurate pricing down to the last cent. 

Here’s an example of how a deli POS with scale integration can transform your operations: 

  • A customer orders a pound of freshly sliced salami. 
  • Your deli employee prepares the salami, and places it on the scale
  • Your scale prints a barcode label containing the item type, exact weight, and calculated price. 
  • At checkout, all your cashier has to do is scan the barcode label. 
  • Once your cashier scans the barcode, your POS system will automatically charge the customer the right price and deduct the salami from your inventory. 

In short, a deli POS system with scale integration speeds up the checkout process, enhances your inventory management strategy, and protects your bottom line. 

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4. Flexible Discounting 

Looking to attract new customers to your deli and boost your sales? Then you need to launch enticing promotions. 

Your deli POS system should make it easy to plan and schedule special discounts and deals to help your customers save money. 

Let’s take a look at a few examples of effective deli promotions to try out in your small business: 

  • Combo Deals: Offer a special price when customers purchase more than one item in your deli. For example, you might offer a discounted price on the purchase of a sandwich, chips, and a drink. 
  • Early Bird Specials: Hoping to get more customers through your door earlier in the day? Consider offering a storewide or item-specific discount before 11 a.m. to encourage customers to join you for breakfast. 
  • Rotating Promotions: Recurring promotions are a great way to get more foot traffic for your deli. Plan out a different deal for each day of the week, like a discounted ham sandwich on Monday or buy one, get one free salads on Thursday.

5. Customer Loyalty Program

A solid base of repeat customers is the most important ingredient for deli success. 

Fortunately, your deli POS system can help you nurture your customer base and generate repeat business with a customer loyalty program

A deli POS system with a built-in customer loyalty program enables you to create custom incentives and makes it easy to enroll new members. 

For example, you might set up a points-based program where customers earn points every time they visit your deli and make a purchase. After they’ve accumulated a certain amount of points, they can exchange them for a free sandwich, a one-time coupon, or another special offer to thank them for their loyalty. 

6. Insightful Sales Reports

The key to growth is understanding your deli’s sales trends and your customers’ preferences. 

To help you learn more about their wants and needs, your deli POS system should identify your bestselling products, your lowest-selling items, your peak sales times, and your customers’ average purchase value. 

Equipped with this data, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about your deli’s inventory, open hours, and promotions

7. Employee Management

As a small business owner, one of your most time-consuming responsibilities is to manage your team. 

Your deli POS system can help you tackle this tough task by allowing your employees to clock in and out using the software. 

This feature ensures accurate timesheets and easy payroll management — making life easier for you and your team members. 

Become Your Neighborhood’s Best Deli With the Help of the Best Deli POS System

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