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Why Do I Need a Deli POS System?

Deli owners and managers frequently find themselves juggling multiple tasks at once. After all, operating a deli requires a multitude of skills, from ensuring inventory is fresh, to managing a deli scale, to serving customers. 

Wondering if an industry-specific solution could help to streamline these tasks and improve efficiency? A deli point of sale (POS) system may be exactly what you need. Keep reading to explore the top 3 benefits of POS software, and learn why it’s essential for successful deli operations. 

1. Deli Scale Integration

Your deli probably uses a random-weight scale to weigh and price items such as meat and cheese. In order to properly and efficiently process these transactions, it’s best to print a sticker label to be scanned at checkout. If cashiers have to manually key in the results of the weighing process into your checkout software, this takes up precious time and makes room for error. 

However, a deli POS system can make transactions rapid and painless. For example, Markt POS’ solution communicates directly with your deli scale – when you weigh an item, the POS will automatically receive the weight information, and assign a price per ounce or pound. The software can be paired with various scales, and it’s simple to use. This type of integration can save deli owners a lot of time and effort by eliminating the need for manual data entry. 

Markt POS’ deli scale integration feature also simplifies inventory management; the POS keeps track of how much of a product is being sold, and automatically deducts the amount from stock. 

2. Advanced Inventory Tracking

A deli POS system’s inventory-centered features don’t stop with deli scale integration. Deli managers have to always be aware of their varied and perishable inventory, usually including hundreds of different meat and dairy products. And, of course, all these items need to be tracked in weight units. 

Sound daunting? No worries: Deli POS systems boast inventory management tools designed for larger, variable inventories, and even include features designed to track pounds sold of scalable items.

Point of sale systems also enable you to think bigger. Want to make sure your store always has the products your customers want on hand, while simultaneously preventing overstocking and eliminating waste? A deli POS system can make this happen by creating purchase orders based on current inventory and recent sales trends. 

Want to be more hands-on with the purchase order process? Many POS systems, such as Markt POS, tout real-time updates on sales and stock levels, including low stock notifications. This means you can quickly identify which items are selling well and which ones need to be ordered or discontinued, allowing you to take proactive steps to keep shelves stocked. The big picture is this: Your store is never overstocked or understocked, so you can maximize profits while minimizing losses. 

3. Expedited Checkout

Every deli manager knows the checkout process can be a nightmare. Any combination of excess customers, an understaffed store, or unreliable checkout technology can cause a giant backup at your checkout aisle. Speed and efficiency is key to customer satisfaction, so it’s worthwhile to ensure that your checkout process is running smoothly. 

A great way to guarantee speedy checkout is a deli POS solution. As mentioned, a deli POS system includes scale integration, eliminating manual data entry and saving your employees and customers time. 

Modern POS solutions also ensure your customers have the option to pay however they need. Flexible payment processing guarantees that customers no longer have to spend time and effort fumbling with their phone or wallet trying to figure out which of their payment options will go through. You should make sure your software accepts all standard grocery payments – EMV, debit, EBT Food, EBT Cash, gift cards, and checks – plus,  contactless options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and NFC-enabled cards. 

A deli POS system can even help you offer seamless self-checkout for your small business, reducing checkout line wait times by allowing your customers to check out at their own speed. Instituting self-checkout will also help you empower your employees; a single associate can run four to six self-checkout lines, allowing them to checkout exponentially more customers in the same amount of time. 

Deli POS Systems and Your Small Business

These point of sale integrations can totally transform your small business – and we’ve just touched the surface. A deli POS system like Markt POS can also assist with e-commerce options, store security, and employee management. The bottom line? A POS system makes it easier to run your business efficiently and effectively, helping deli owners streamline operations and provide a better experience for their customers. 

So, are you ready to take your deli or market to the next level? Schedule a demo with the Markt POS team today!

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