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Why Your Grocery Store Needs Deli Scales With Printers

The two most important ingredients for grocery store success are speed and accuracy, and getting these two factors right is critical for your deli department.

Selling perishable items like meats and cheeses by weight can be a challenge — and without the right processes and tools in place, manually inputting weight and product information slows down the checkout process, and even leads to pricing and inventory errors. 

To keep your grocery store operating smoothly, you need a deli scale with a printer that seamlessly integrates with your point of sale (POS) system. Here are the top four reasons to implement this valuable tool in your grocery store. 

1. Streamlined Grocery Inventory Management

Items sold by weight like meats and cheeses are often the most difficult to track in terms of inventory. Plus, deli products are some of the most perishable goods in your store — meaning that effective inventory management is crucial for preventing waste and lost sales. 

A deli scale and printer that integrate with your grocery store’s POS system can help you tackle deli inventory management with ease. When your employees place an item on the scale, your POS system will automatically update your stock levels, eliminating the need for slow and error-prone manual entry. 

This means you’ll be able to see an accurate overview of your inventory at any time — ensuring that your deli department is always perfectly stocked. 

2. Accurate Pricing

If you’re not using a deli scale with a printer, you’re leaving the door open to pricing errors that affect your bottom line. 

Without an integrated deli scale and printer, your team has to input the product type, weight, and pricing information into your POS system by hand. This manual process not only slows them down, but also makes mistakes more likely. 

Especially when your grocery store is busy, your employees might select the wrong product in your POS system or input the wrong weight. Your customers could end up paying too much (or too little) for their items, and your inventory records will be inaccurate, too. 

A deli scale and printer make this process easy. When your customer places their order at the deli counter, your deli staff member prepares their selected meat or cheese and prints a barcode label for the package. This label contains all the information about the product, weight, and pricing. When it’s time to check out, all your cashier has to do is scan the barcode. 

With an integrated deli scale and printer, you’ll be able to charge the right amount each time, while ensuring that your inventory records are accurate. 

3. Convenient Checkout

Short checkout lines mean happy customers, and a deli scale with a printer can ensure that each transaction is a breeze. 

When a customer is ready to check out with an item from the deli counter, your cashier can simply scan the barcode, and your POS system will automatically recognize the product, weight, and correct price. 

A deli scale and printer make the checkout process effortless for both your customers and your team, ensuring that checkout lines stay moving and your employees can provide speedy, friendly service to every customer. 

4. Robust Reporting and Analytics

Another important advantage of a deli scale with a printer is that it syncs seamlessly with your POS system to provide you with valuable information about your customers’ preferences

Understanding what your customers want is critical to keeping your grocery store profitable, and an integrated deli scale reveals which products they’re choosing most often and in what quantities. 

These insights will help you make informed decisions about your inventory. For example, if you see that one brand of turkey is selling much more quickly than another brand, you might choose to order the customer-preferred brand more often. Choices like these save you storage space and boost customer satisfaction. 

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Supercharge Your Deli Department With a Deli Scale and Printer

A deli scale with a printer is more than just a tool for weighing items in your deli department; it’s an essential partner in keeping your grocery store running smoothly. 

Equipped with a deli scale that integrates with your grocery store’s point of sale system, you’ll be able to streamline your inventory management process, ensure the right pricing on every deli transaction, offer the most convenient checkout process, and understand your customers’ shopping habits and product preferences.

Looking to take your deli department to the next level? Schedule a demo of Markt POS today and learn how our all-in-one POS solution can transform your entire grocery store.

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