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5 Best Self-Checkout Machine Options for Grocery Stores in 2024

Introducing or replacing self-checkout machines in your grocery store can be a stressful undertaking.

It’s a change for your customers and employees, and might require a transition period as you adjust to the new technology and bring it into the flow of your store.

The benefits are clear; it’s quicker for customers and reduces labor needs, but at what cost? Not every self-checkout machine has robust security features, like weight sensors or accurate barcode scanners — leading to financial losses for many stores.

Plus, you need to ensure they’re user-friendly and won’t cause your customers frustration.

All things considered, choosing a self-checkout machine that ticks all the boxes is essential to rolling out this option in your grocery store.

In this article, we’ll explore the five best self-checkout machine options available today. We’ll highlight their features, pricing, and what to look for when investing in this innovative technology.

Why It’s the Right Move To Invest in Self-Checkout Machines

Before diving into why investing in self-checkout machines is a smart move, let's first understand what these machines are. 

Self-checkout machines are automated systems that allow customers to scan and pay for their items without the assistance of a cashier. They typically consist of a touchscreen interface, scanner scales, a barcode scanner, and a payment terminal. Customers scan the barcodes of their selected products, bag them, and then make a payment using various methods, including cash, credit cards, or mobile payment apps.

The retail landscape is evolving rapidly, and customer expectations are changing. Convenience and efficiency have never been more vital, and self-checkout machines cater to these demands in several ways.

Here are some key benefits of investing in self-checkout machines:

  • Faster checkout times: Self-checkout machines significantly reduce customer waiting times, making their shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Reduced labor costs: With self-checkout, you can optimize your staff allocation and reduce the need for as many cashiers, resulting in cost savings.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Shoppers appreciate the option to choose between traditional checkout lanes and self-checkout, giving them greater control over their shopping experience.
  • Increased sales revenue: Faster checkout and a more convenient shopping experience can lead to increased sales as customers are more likely to return.
  • Smaller footprint than traditional cashier lanes: Self-checkout machines require less space than traditional cashier lanes, allowing you to maximize your store's layout and product offerings.


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While the benefits of self-checkout are clear, there are also risks associated with not offering this option. These include the potential loss of customers to competitors who do offer self-checkout, longer checkout lines leading to frustrated shoppers, and higher labor costs due to a need for additional cashiers to handle peak hours. Therefore, investing in self-checkout machines is not just a convenience for your customers; it's a strategic move to stay competitive.

What To Look for When Choosing a Self-Checkout Machine

We’ve made our case that you need to consider self-checkout machines for your grocery store, but not all self-checkout kiosks are created equal. You must choose the right one for your store to maximize your benefits. Some key factors to consider include:

Reliability and Uptime: Reliability is vital when it comes to self-checkout machines. You want robust machines that can handle high transaction volumes without constant breakdowns. Downtime not only frustrates customers, but can result in lost sales opportunities. Look for machines with a track record of consistent performance and minimal downtime.

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Security Features: Security is a top concern when dealing with payment transactions. Ensure that the self-checkout machines you choose have extensive security features to protect customer data and prevent self-checkout theft. Features like encrypted payment processing, tamper-resistant card readers, and surveillance cameras can enhance security.

Payment Processing: Consider the payment methods your customers commonly use and ensure that the self-checkout machines support them. This includes credit and debit cards, mobile payment apps, and even cash handling if your customer base prefers it. Compatibility with various payment options is essential to cater to diverse customer preferences.

Software and Analytics: The software running the self-checkout machines should be user-friendly and regularly updated to address any issues or enhance functionality. Additionally, having access to analytics can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and transaction data. This information can help you optimize store layouts, product placements, and checkout processes for better customer experiences and increased sales.

Customer Service: Excellent customer service extends beyond the interactions with your staff; it includes the service your customers receive from the self-checkout machines. Ensure that the manufacturer or provider offers responsive customer support and maintenance services. Quick problem resolution is crucial to minimize disruptions in your store.

Budget: Lastly, consider your budget. Self-checkout machines vary in cost, and it's important to balance your budget constraints and the features and reliability you need. Remember that while the initial investment is significant, the benefits, including reduced labor costs and increased customer satisfaction, can justify the expense over time.

The 5 Best Self-Checkout Machine Options

1. Fujitsu U-Scan Mini-Express

The Fujitsu U-Scan Mini-Express is a compact, easy-to-implement self-checkout solution. The machine can take only credit and debit card transactions, so if your store offers cash payments, mobile pay, or other types of payment processing options, this may not be the machine for your store. This option is excellent for an express lane, but there may be better solutions for full-cart checkouts.

Key features:

  • Large scanning surface
  • Minimal labor and maintenance (due to no cash processing)
  • Compact and user-friendly design

Pricing: Available upon request

2. Toshiba Self Checkout System 7

The Toshiba Self Checkout System 7 is a customizable, modular self-checkout kiosk solution with features like LED lighting, audio indicators, and built-in accessibility modes. You can choose from various bagging station sizes and designs, allowing you to accommodate express lanes or full-cart checkout lanes.

Key features:

  • Shrinkage and loss-prevention features
  • Centralized reporting
  • Remote monitoring

Pricing: Available upon request

3. IT Retail (as Part of Their POS System)

IT Retail is a full-service point of sale (POS) provider. In addition to self-checkout kiosks, this provider offers inventory management solutions, online grocery accommodations, and more. IT Retail partners with grocers, butcher shops, general stores, and other similar retailers to offer all-in-one point of sale solutions at an affordable price.

Key features:

  • Remote attendant station with traditional register capabilities
  • Comprehensive configuration options
  • RealScanTM 79 Bi-optic imager
  • Extensive security, including weight verification, internal security door, and more

Pricing: Get a custom quote on their website.

4. Aila Self-Checkout Kiosk

The Alia Self-Checkout Kiosk is designed for c-stores rather than grocery stores, but it still offers strong features grocery store owners may appreciate. You can integrate this solution with most payment terminals, printers, and other hardware. The Alia system runs on iOS and is an iPad-based display system capable of accepting cashless payments.

Key features:

  • Advanced hardware integration options
  • Compatible with 10.2 inch iPad and 12.9 inch iPad Pro
  • Advanced scanner capable of reading curved or blurry barcodes

Pricing: Custom quote through Sales

5. Markt POS (as Part of Our POS System)

Markt POS is an all-in-one point of sale provider specializing in grocery stores and markets. We offer a wide range of hardware and software solutions tailored to the needs of store owners like you. Our cloud-based solution offers advanced inventory management, flexible payment processing, e-commerce integrations, and more in addition to self-checkout stations.

Key features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust, long-lasting point of sale hardware
  • Top-of-the-line security features, including weight verification and an internal security door
  • Cloud-based technology with reporting and inventory data accessible from anywhere
  • Dedicated 24/7 support with our success team
  • Contactless payments
  • Integrated customer loyalty functionality

Pricing: Get a full price estimate using our transparent build and price tool.

Does a POS System Make More Sense?

You may have noticed that some of the options we listed above were standalone kiosks, while others were part of larger, all-in-one point of sale solutions. And so, the question surfaces: Which is better, a standalone kiosk or a fully integrated POS system?

A point of sale system with a full suite of features, tools, and functionality is the best way to go for any grocery store looking to optimize operations and delight their customers. Let’s look at some of the benefits of a fully integrated point of sale solution.

Streamlined Management: One of the standout advantages of integrating self-checkout kiosks with your POS system is its streamlined management. Instead of juggling separate interfaces for self-checkout and traditional checkouts, you have a single control center. This simplifies operations and makes it easier for your staff to monitor and assist customers, whether at a self-checkout station or a cashier-run lane.

Data and Reporting: Efficient data management is another compelling reason to opt for an integrated POS system. All transaction data, whether from self-checkout or cashier-operated registers, is consolidated into one system. This data gives you a holistic view of your sales, inventory, and customer data in a single location. 

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Cost-Efficiency and Training: Sharing peripherals like printers, scanners, and payment terminals between self-checkout kiosks and traditional registers can result in significant cost savings. Plus, training your staff becomes more straightforward when they only need to learn one POS system. This consistency minimizes the learning curve and ensures that your employees manage checkout processes proficiently. 

Enhanced Security: Integrated POS systems often come with security features that can be applied uniformly across multiple disparate checkout methods. For instance, if your business sells age-restricted items like alcohol, an integrated system can enforce mandatory ID checks consistently, reducing the risk of compliance issues.

A strong point of sale provider, like Markt POS, offers self-checkout kiosks that seamlessly integrate with their POS software and back office systems. This integration streamlines operations and provides a more cohesive and efficient experience for your staff and customers. Choosing an integrated approach can be a smart move in harnessing the full potential of self-checkout technology, while ensuring the smooth operation of your business.

Self-Checkout Machines for Grocery Stores: The Choice Is Yours

If you’re looking to increase efficiency and delight your customers, implementing one of the self-checkout machine options listed in this post can set you straight on the path to success. Though the basic technology has been around for years, self-checkout machines continue to evolve rapidly to meet modern customer and store needs. 

When you invest in a robust, reliable self-service machine for your checkout stations, you can enjoy significant competitive advantages. Though upfront costs on a self-checkout machine can be steep, the benefits of reduced labor, increased customer satisfaction, and greater insights into shopper behavior make it a smart choice for modern grocers.

Markt POS offers self-checkout machines as part of our all-in-one point of sale system! Enjoy the convenience of self-checkout stations fully integrated with your inventory, security, and customer loyalty systems.

Check out a software demo of Markt POS today to see if our solution is the right fit for your store!

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