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7 Ways To Use a Meat Scale With Printer

Looking for a special ingredient to take your butcher shop to the next level?

A meat scale with a printer might just be the perfect side dish to go along with your shop’s selection of the freshest, highest-quality meats. 

In this blog, we’ll explore what a meat scale with printer is, along with how you can use this tool to improve your small business’ operations. Let’s get cooking! 

What Is an Integrated Meat Scale With Printer?

A meat scale with a printer is an essential tool for any meat shop or grocery store. 

There are three critical functions that an integrated meat scale with printer performs: 

  • Weighing your product quickly and accurately
  • Generating a custom barcode label for any cut of meat
  • Syncing seamlessly with your shop’s point of sale (POS) system

In the next sections, we’ll share seven ways to use this sophisticated piece of equipment to streamline your operations, enhance the customer experience, and boost your bottom line. 

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1. Ensure Accurate Pricing

Imagine that your customer approaches the butcher counter and asks for three pounds of your most expensive cut of steak. After they’ve received the prepared steak, they head to the checkout counter. 

If your cashier doesn’t have a clear label or barcode to scan, they might ring it up incorrectly, charging your customer less than the steak is worth. 

Over time, these inaccuracies can add up, resulting in a significant loss for your business. 

Fortunately, an integrated meat scale with printer can help. This tool allows your butcher to generate a label with the item type, weight, and price embedded into a scannable barcode. This label takes the guesswork out of the checkout process and ensures that your customers are always charged the right price. 

2. Slash Your Checkout Wait Times

A meat scale with a printer doesn’t just improve checkout accuracy, it also makes the checkout process more efficient. 

If your cashiers have to manually enter the item type, weight, and price into your POS system each time a customer purchases fresh, custom-cut meat, then your checkout lines are likely longer than they need to be. 

A meat scale with printer eliminates this time-consuming process and allows your cashiers to simply scan the product’s barcode, providing your customers with a speedy, simple checkout experience. 

3. Enhance Customer Satisfaction

If your butchers prepare freshly packed meat each day to place on the sales floor, printing custom labels can improve customers’ browsing experience. 

They’ll be able to quickly scan each package and immediately determine the cut of meat, lean percentage, weight, and price. 

These labels make a huge difference for your customers in a hurry. If they’re stopping by on their way home from work to pick up a quick dinner, they won’t have to spend a long time looking around to find exactly what they need. 

4. Stay Compliant With Food Safety Regulations

In the grocery industry, compliance with food safety regulations is non-negotiable. Following these rules protects your customers’ health and your business’ reputation, so it’s crucial to have processes in place to guarantee that you’re only offering the freshest meats. 

A meat scale with printer is an important addition to your food safety toolbox, allowing you to clearly label each of your meats with a package, sell-by, or use-by date. 

Using these labels, your team will be able to easily sort through your inventory and make sure that there are only in-date meats on the sales floor. 

5. Eliminate Waste

An often overlooked hurdle to butcher shop and grocery store profitability is waste. 

However, you can use your meat scale with printer to prevent spoilage and reduce waste

For example, if your customers’ requests for on-demand meat behind the butcher counter have decreased, you can implement a strategy to pre-portion and package this meat, print a helpful barcode label for it, and place it on the sales floor at a slight discount. 

This approach prevents you from having to dispose of any inventory and gives your customers the opportunity to try something new. 

7. Optimize Your Stock

The last way a meat scale with printer can improve your shop’s operation is through inventory management and optimization. 

Using barcode labels when a meat product is packaged and purchased ensures that your inventory records are accurate down to the last ounce, showing you which cuts are flying off the shelves and which are sitting in the cooler. 

Equipped with these insights, you’ll be able to tailor your stock to meet your shoppers’ wants and needs, giving your sales and your customer satisfaction a boost. 

Supercharge Your Butcher Shop With Markt POS

An integrated meat scale with printer can make a world of difference for your butcher shop. This critical tool keeps your profits high, your customers happy, and your waste minimal. 

If you’re looking for the best meat scale with printer that integrates seamlessly with your POS system, then check out Markt POS. Markt POS is an all-in-one POS solution built to support small businesses just like yours. 

With meat scale integration, robust inventory management, advanced reporting and analytics, and sales-boosting features like a built-in customer loyalty program, Markt POS has everything you need to take your butcher shop to new heights. 

Schedule a personalized demo today to see Markt POS’ integrated meat scale in action, or use our build and price tool to create a custom solution for your small business.

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