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3 Best Fish Shop Point of Sale Providers

When it comes to finding a point of sale (POS) system, there are plenty of fish in the sea — but only one will be the right fit for you. 

That’s why we’re here to help you make the perfect catch and find a fish shop point of sale solution that meets your every need. Keep reading to discover why your POS system is so important, see a list of essential features, and explore our handpicked selection of the best providers. 

Why You Need a Specialized Fish Shop Point of Sale Solution

As a seafood expert, you know how important it is to offer something special that sets your business apart. Whether it’s the freshest catches, widest variety, or best prices, your customers have a reason to choose your shop time and time again. 

Your fish shop point of sale system should be just as special. This powerful tool is responsible for processing your sales transactions, tracking your stock levels, and ensuring an excellent experience for your customers. 

To make the most of your investment in this essential technology, you need a system tailored to your business’ unique needs. Let’s look at two specific reasons why you should look for a POS solution specifically designed for fish shops:

  1. Sales by weight: Rather than selling single units off a shelf, your customers have the opportunity to order exactly what they want, whether it’s two pounds of shrimp or three salmon filets. Your POS system should make these weight-based sales a breeze. 
  2. Perishable inventory management: Keeping your stock as fresh as possible is crucial for high customer satisfaction and sales, so your POS system should be able to handle the complexities of perishable inventory. 

Along with meeting these two needs, your fish shop POS should save you time, streamline your operations, and empower you to expand your customer base and boost your sales

Must-Have Fish Shop POS Features

Whether you’re making sure your current fish shop point of sale system checks all the boxes or you’re in the market for something completely new, you need a list of essential features to look for. Here’s a checklist to help you reel in the right solution: 

  • Real-time inventory tracking allows you to see an overview of your stock at any time, from anywhere. 
  • Scale integration allows for easy weight-based sales and ensures accurate inventory records. 
  • Speedy checkout tools like contactless payment and a customizable interface keep lines moving during peak sales times.
  • A built-in loyalty program gives your customers a reason to choose your fish shop for all their seafood needs. 
  • Advanced reporting and analytics help you learn about your shoppers and tailor your operations to their preferences. 

This list of features is just a starting point, so take the time to make it your own before you start your fish shop point of sale search. 

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The Best Fish Shop Point of Sale Providers

Now that you’ve got your sea legs, you’re ready to start your voyage to find a fish shop point of sale solution that’s the perfect fit for your business. Let’s dive into the top three providers you should consider. 

1. IT Retail

IT Retail makes the list of our favorite POS providers because of their proven track record of supporting small, specialty grocery stores. For over 25 years, IT Retail has offered business owners tools to manage shelf-stable and perishable inventory, increase sales, and improve efficiency. 

If you’re looking for the features you need, a user-friendly interface, and a top-notch support team, get in touch with IT Retail today. 

2. Epos Now

Epos Now is a U.K.-based POS provider serving businesses in the retail, restaurant, and hotel industries. 

While Epos Now isn’t necessarily a specialized POS provider, we’ve included them on our list of solid fish shop point of sale system options because of their scale integration feature. Epos Now also includes a convenient online feature if your fish shop accepts preorders. 

If you want to learn more about Epos Now, contact their sales team

3. Markt POS

Capping off our list of the best fish shop point of sale providers is Markt POS. We specialize in supporting unique grocery stores, butcher shops, and seafood markets just like yours. 

With a scale integration, robust inventory management, and sales-boosting tools like a customizable customer loyalty program, Markt POS has everything you need to grow your fish shop. Plus, you’ll have 24/7 access to our expert support team. 

Get started with Markt POS by using our build and price tool to get an instant quote for your business. 

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Ready to set sail on your journey toward the perfect fish shop point of sale system? We’re here to help you navigate.

Chat with one of our seafood industry experts and see our POS software in action by scheduling your live, personalized demo today. 

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