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3 Best Deli Scales with Printers and What to Look For

Running a successful deli requires more than just high-quality meats and cheeses. You need to invest in the right equipment to stand out.

As a deli owner, you know the importance of accurately weighing and pricing your products. But with so many different deli scales on the market, choosing the right hardware for your business can be overwhelming. That's why we've researched for you and compiled a list of the best deli scales with printers.

In this blog post, we'll discuss the benefits of deli scales with printers and provide a comprehensive guide on what to look for when choosing one for your business. By the end of this post, you'll have all the information you need to make an informed point of sale (POS) scale purchase and take your deli to the next level.

Deli Scales with Printers: Essential Features and Functionality 

A deli scale with a printer is essential if your grocery store has a deli section. Deli scales don't just measure the weight of perishables like deli meat, cheese, and other perishables sold by weight. With their built-in printer, you can print labels with important information, like the product name, weight, price per unit, and total cost.

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There are various benefits of scales with printers.

  • Built-in printers speed up weighing and labeling products, reducing customer wait times and streamlining operations.
  • High-quality deli scales with printers ensure accurate weight measurements, preventing undercharging and overcharging customers.
  • Printing labels helps create a more professional look for your business since they're cleaner and more consistent than handwritten ones.
  • By providing clear, accurate labels with ingredients, allergens, and other product information, printer scales help your grocery store comply with local and federal regulations.

Some of the features we took into consideration when choosing the best deli scales include:

  • Capacity: The maximum weight capacity to determine the size and weight of products the scale can handle.
  • Accuracy: Scale with high accuracy and a small division size ensures precise measurements and allows for proper pricing.
  • Price: We looked at the scales' upfront cost and any ongoing costs, such as label refills and maintenance.

Perhaps most important is finding a grocery-specific point of sale (POS) solution that seamlessly integrates with all necessary add-ons, such as deli scales.

As soon as an item is weighed, the deli scale should calculate the price per ounce or pound based on what's programmed in the POS. Then a barcode label with the total cost is printed and scanned at checkout, saving cashiers time. 

Finally, being integrated with the POS is critical because the sold/weighed product should be automatically deducted from inventory so the stock count is up to date.

Markt POS guide to grocery POS hardware

1. AvaWeigh PCSP60T

With a built-in thermal label printer, the AvaWeigh PCSP60T is the ideal digital scale for delis, grocery stores, and bakeries. This scale accurately weighs and prices various products, ensuring quick and efficient service.

Key features for delis:

  • The AvaWeigh PCSP60T weighing scale can handle 60 pounds and has a readability of 0.02 pounds.
  • Various pre-loaded label formats are included with the AvaWeigh PCSP60T, allowing deli owners to create and customize labels that include product name, weight, price per unit, and total cost.
  • User-friendly controls and a large, backlit LCD display make the scale easy to use and navigate.

Pricing: The AvaWeigh PCSP60T is around $600, depending on the retailer and any promotions or discounts that may be available.


The CAS LP-1000N Series is a line of advanced digital scales with built-in thermal label printers. Designed for delis and grocery stores, these scales are known for their accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. They streamline weighing, pricing, and labeling processes in busy grocery stores.

Key features for delis:

  • Scales in the CAS LP-1000N Series have varying capacities, with some models supporting a maximum capacity of 30 lbs and a readability of 0.01 lbs. Others support up to 60 lbs and a readability of 0.02 lbs. Because of this, they are suitable for the accurate weighing and pricing of various deli items.
  • They can store many PLUs, making recalling pricing information for commonly sold items easy. This fits well with POS systems with unlimited product databases.
  • The integrated thermal printer lets you print product labels and prices quickly and easily. The CAS LP-1000N Series offers multiple label formats and customization with logos and other information.

Pricing: CAS LP-1000N Series depends on the model but starts at $1,395, depending on the retailer.

3. Hobart HT Series

A premium scale at a premium price, Hobart offers a flexible, intelligent, powerful deli scale with a printer. All models in their HT series feature customer-facing screens, programmable flash keys, remote diagnostics, and more. The high-end model also features additional functionality like message alerts and hands-free login for you and your staff.

Key features for delis:

  • Scale alerts to help you manage messages, network connectivity, printer, and planogram updates.  
  • Cassette-style label loading for easy label printing. 
  • HD display to provide visuals to customers promoting weekly specials, in-store events, and more. 

Pricing: The Hobart HT series HTi is $5,115 on WebstaurantStore.

Deli Scale POS Software Integrations

To get the best results from your deli scale and printer, you need to implement a POS solution that integrates with your deli scale, enabling you to check out quickly, easily, and efficiently. Let’s take a look at two options for deli scale POS software integrations you may consider for your business.

Invafresh Scale Management Software

Invafresh offers a solution that allows you to manage and distribute item-level inventory data throughout your entire operation. Invafresh minimizes scale downtime with repair assistance and minimizes shrinkage and theft by offering options to prevent in-store price overrides on items priced by weight. 

Markt POS 

Markt POS is more than a scale management software — we offer a full suite of point of sale tools and features. Our inventory management tools integrate with your deli scale to allow you to access and adjust your scale data in the same tool that manages the rest of your inventory, purchasing, and checkout processes. 

Markt POS’ scale integrations are the fastest and most accurate way to price and cash out deli purchases and other weight-based items in your market or grocery store.

Weighing Your Options: How to Choose the Perfect Deli Scale with a Printer 

The perfect deli scale depends on your needs. You’ll need to consider weighing capacity, how easy your scale is to clean, the size of the display, how easy it is for customers to see pricing, and finally, whether you need portable scales.

To reiterate, finding a POS system that integrates with add-ons like deli scales is the most important. Without integration, you’ll miss out on streamlined store operations and customer convenience. 

Markt POS has the solution! We have fast and accurate scale technology, perfect for deli goods and other products sold by weight. Our POS solution communicates directly with your deli scale, simplifies inventory management, and eliminates manual data entry.

Want to see more? Schedule a demo with our grocery experts and discover how we can help you deliver a reliable, enjoyable customer experience.

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