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Friendly Neighborhood Markets.
Big Box Efficiency.

You started your business to serve your community. We started ours to serve you.


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Markt POS is trusted by more than 10,000 customers.

See how we improved the lives of our small to medium store owners with powerful, custom POS Solutions!

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Local markets are
being crushed by...

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Competition from big box retailers

Large market chains can use their scale to do things small markets can't.

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Difficult and manual processes

Inventory management alone can cost several hours per week.

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Excessive fees

Most solutions either overcharge for "maintenance" or are charging exorbitant credit card processing fees.

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  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Sales Data
  • Balancing
  • Payment Processing

The right partner will share your burden, not add to it.

Gain back precious time lost to inventory management and other manual processes.

Get fast answers to your service and support questions and never lose money to on-site technology outages.

Provide an experience that will set you apart from the big chains and will keep your customers coming back.

You need a POS partner that can help you make
customer experience your bestseller.


Save time and resources on day-to-day tasks so you can focus on making your customers feel at home.


Keep shelves stocked with the products your customers actually want.


Never experience costly technology outages or service interruptions due to on-site server malfunctions.


Access your data instantly from anywhere so you can stay ahead of customer trends.


Seamlessly integrate hardware and software to reduce lines and wait times.


Provide your employees and customers with an easy-to-use system that makes checkout a breeze.

Make your marketplace the community space.

Book a demo and learn how Markt POS can equip you with the right tools, creating a seamless and enjoyable market experience for your community.

Created with local markets for
your local market.

The premier solution for grocers, butchers, corner stores, and specialty markets designed with local shop owners in mind.

The all-in-one local market solution.

Markt POS was designed by multi-generational grocers who understand the problems faced by local market owners and provides a comprehensive solution to help you run every aspect of your business.

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Dedicated customer service.

Your customers are your most important asset. We provide 24/7 support to you, so that you can provide 24/7 support to them.

Efficient in-store processes.

Reduce the time you spend on manual processes like inventory, so you can provide a quality experience for your customers and spend time on the things that matter.

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